13Jun, 2013

How to Choose the Best Tampa Dentist for Your Family

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Are you wondering how to choose the best Tampa dentist for you or your family? Many people end up making this decision because they saw a dentist’s office near their home, or they received a promotion. My suggestion is to ask yourself a few questions so that you don’t end up with a dentist that is not the best Tampa dentist for you. As a Tampa dentist for over 20 years, here are my Top 3 Questions for finding the best Tampa dentist for you and your family: 1. What […]

5Jun, 2013

Tampa Dentist Explains The Basics of Brushing Your Teeth

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As a Tampa dentist, I am aware of a lot of misinformation out there about how folks think they are supposed to brush their teeth. Since this is something you do for your dental health every day, this Tampa dentist thinks it’s important to get it right! So… are you SURE you know how to brush your teeth? Here are the fundamentals of teeth brushing, from a Tampa dentist with over 25 years experience: 1. Brushing your teeth is not a race! Be prepared to spend at least a 1-2 […]