26Jan, 2016

How The Flu Season Can Hurt Your Dental Health

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When cold and flu season comes around, there’s a real risk of contracting a viral infection… with aches, upset stomach, nausea, sore throat, diarrhea, congestion, coughing, and fever. Getting a cold or the flu is something that everyone would like to avoid altogether! However, if you do get an infection, either a cold or flu, it will have more impact on your dental health than you might suppose. Surprising Impacts the Flu Season Has on Your Dental Health In general, the symptoms will last between 24 and 48 hours, but […]

4Nov, 2015

Too Much Trick or Treating Candy? How To Fight Cavities and Keep Your Mouth Healthy

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Even though Halloween is over, chances are there’s still a lot of candy around the house. While those treats might be tempting, they don’t have to ruin an otherwise healthy smile! Too much Trick or Treating? Here’s how to Fight Cavities and Keep Your Mouth Healthy The truth of the matter is, candy can have a very big, unhealthy impact on your smile, and on your overall oral health. You’ve probably experienced those frustrating times when you’ve eaten a tasty treat or two, only to wrestle with getting the remnants […]

5Mar, 2015

How Your Dental Health Affects The Rest of Your Body

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Believe it or not, your dental health has a lot to do with the rest of your body. It’s not hard to imagine there’s a direct link between your health and quality of life. Of course, this is why so many people now try to stay fit and watch their diet. What most people don’t know is the vast impact dental health has on the rest of their bodies! Several studies have shown that good oral hygiene is not only good for the mouth, but the rest of the body. […]