19Feb, 2015

Tampa Sedation Dentist Discusses Benefits: Less Pain, Less Visits, and Better Health!

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As a long time Tampa sedation dentist, I understand that if you don’t like going to the dentist, you are certainly not alone! Many people have fears about dental offices, ranging from a mild anxiety to outright avoidance. Dental procedures can sometimes be uncomfortable and so it’s understandable why people “cringe.” For those who usually avoid going to the dentist, there’s a way to go from coward to confident. You’ve probably heard about it, yet still don’t know what it really is… sedation dentistry. You might be under the impression […]

29Aug, 2013

Top 3 Questions About Sedation Dentistry

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As a sedation dentist in Tampa for over 25 years, I have answered thousands of patients’ questions about sedation dentistry. These questions are often from people that are experiencing some anxiety about their dental procedure, or require extensive dental work. Here are the Top 3 Questions (and their answers) that I’ve received over the years about sedation dentistry: 1. What’s the difference between a sedation dentist and a regular dentist? Well, actually, we are not a different breed of dentist! A sedation dentist is someone like myself who has taken […]

30May, 2013

As A Sedation Dentist, Here Is What You Need To Know

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As a Sedation Dentist, you should know… After over 25 years as a dentist, and as a pioneer of sedation dentistry in Tampa, I have seen thousands of patients evaluate their sedation dentistry options and undergo sedation dentistry procedures. A good sedation dentist will not recommend sedation dentistry as a cure-all, but rather as an important option for certain patients. Sedation dentistry is particularly helpful when there is a significant amount of dental work to be done, or when a patient is very anxious about going to the dentist. As […]