18Dec, 2013

Save $221 on Professional Tooth Whitening from Doering Family Dental

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Tooth Whitening Offer – Save $221 Tooth whitening is a wonderful thing, especially when it’s done by a professional. Will you be “Smiling for Santa” this year? With a brand new brighter smile, we’ll bet you will be! 🙂 Dr. Doering is offering $221 off professional, in-office tooth whitening. You can claim the offer on our Facebook Page by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/doeringfamilydental/posts/10152096507200929 Be sure to “Like” our page and check back often! Merry Almost Christmas, The Team at Doering Family Dental *** FYI, here’s what you should see when you […]

12Aug, 2013

Teeth Whitening Tampa – Save $221 on Professional Whitening

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Are you interested in teeth whitening Tampa? It seems there are teeth whitening options everywhere these days. There are TV commercials, there are tons of teeth whitening toothpastes at the drugstore, and there are even those kiosks at the mall offering teeth whitening around Tampa. While there are many ways to get some of your teeth somewhat whiter, there is really only one way to get your teeth exactly as white as you desire in an even, professional fashion. That’s with professional tooth whitening from your dentist. When you get […]