General & Family Dentist

We believe you really can enjoy your visit to the dentist


Can You Really Enjoy Your Visits To The Dentist?

At Doering Family Dental, we believe the answer is “Yes!”

In fact, that’s what many new patients tell us after their first visit to see Dr. Doering. We receive “Thank You” letters saying things like, “Dr. Doering and his staff were warm and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable,” and “I almost felt like I was going to a spa, and best of all, I’ve got my smile back!”


Family Dentistry

When Dr. Doering began his career as a dentist in Tampa in 1989, he envisioned a dental practice that was totally dedicated to patient service. To reach this goal, he has established 3 “everyday priorities” for his dentist office.

The 3 Everyday Priorities at Doering Family Dental:

  • Your Comfort
  • Compassionate Care
  • Exceptional Service

By focusing on what really matters, Dr. Doering and his staff have created a dental office that is a pleasure to visit: warm, friendly, comfortable, compassionate and service-oriented.

Why Would Someone Drive All The Way from Lakeland to Visit the Dentist?

It seems that all this extra effort does not go un-noticed. We were delighted when we received a letter from Linda S. She says:

“Some might wonder why I would make a trip to Tampa to see a dentist (there are plenty of dentists in Lakeland), but I would say, “Wouldn’t you drive just a little further to have an extraordinary experience?”

Maybe it’s the little things we do everyday at Doering Family Dental that all add up to an “extraordinary experience”…

  • the free help with insurance paperwork
  • remembering your name
  • the beautiful and comfortable waiting room
  • the offer of coffee or water
  • our expertise in all types of sedation dentistry for your comfort
  • the follow up phone calls (when extensive work was completed)
  • and of course, the warm and friendly smiles when you arrive!

Are You Experiencing Fear or Anxiety About Visiting The Dentist?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone, and you have come to the right place. One “Thank You” letter we received from Debra H. in Tampa sums it up better than we ever could:

“I was terrified of going to the dentist. I had not been to the dentist in years… I prayed that the Lord would help me find a compassionate dentist. During this time, Dr. Doering was highly recommended by many people. They said that he was not only kind and patient, but that he did beautiful dental work… I found to my relief that it did NOT HURT… I would like to thank Dr. Doering and all the kind and patient people that work at the office for their words of encouragement. I will, with pleasure, continue to recommend you to others.”

When You Look In The Mirror, Is There Something You Wish You Could Change About Your Smile?

As a full service general and cosmetic dentist in Tampa, we serve patients of all ages, including children. We offer our patients everything from general dentistry (for example, cleanings and fillings) to cosmetic makeovers using procedures like veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening and aesthetic recontouring. (On this website and in Dr. Doering’s blog posts, we have provided a lot of additional information about all of our services.)

Dr. Doering’s Approach To Happy and Healthy Smiles

At Doering Family Dental, we emphasize the preventive approach to dental health. It is much more cost-effective for you, more comfortable for you, and better for your overall health if you visit us bi-annually for your professional cleaning and oral health exam. This allows Dr. Doering to address any minor issues or trouble spots before they become something more serious.

Of course, sometimes everyone forgets, or gets too busy, or procrastinates… especially about visiting the dentist! In that case, we are ready to help you have the most comfortable and pain-free experience possible.

We have extensive experience with all types of sedation dentistry (oral, laughing gas/nitrous oxide, and IV-sedation). We have even developed a reputation for helping people who have waited too long between visits to the dentist. (See our testimonials.)

Dr. Doering will personally visit with you during your bi-annual cleaning visits, and will examine your teeth, gums and overall oral health. This personal approach by the dentist is something that we are proud of, and it sets Doering Family Dental apart from many other dental practices.