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Are you wondering where to start with cosmetic dentistry? Do you hesitate or feel self-conscious when you smile?


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David F. Doering, DDS Has Helped Thousands of Patients Achieve The Smile of Their Dreams: Are you wondering where to start with cosmetic dentistry?

Do you hesitate or feel self-conscious when you smile? The good news is that you no longer have to live with misaligned teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, missing teeth, stained or discolored teeth, or any other cosmetic dental issue.

There are many solutions available to an experienced and well-trained cosmetic dentist like Dr. Doering. You may have more than one cosmetic dental issue that you want to address. That is quite common, and we are here to help you with the decision making process.

Before making any decisions, we have found that a good place to start is to ask yourself a simple question: “When I look in the mirror, is there anything I wish I could change about my smile?” Beginning with this open-ended question is a great way to trigger your imagination. It’s also a great way to start the conversation with your cosmetic dentist. This is your chance to imagine the end results you desire… your “dream smile.”

When I look in the mirror, is there anything I wish I could change about my smile?

One of the benefits of talking with a cosmetic dentist that has over 25 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry is that Dr. Doering will be able to quickly identify which dentistry solutions will work best for your situation, your budget, your timeframe, and your goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Only 1 or 2 Visits

Did you know that Dr. Doering was a pioneer in sedation dentistry in the Tampa Bay Area, and continues to be a leading sedation dentistry expert and practicioner? Sedation dentistry is a perfect match for Dr. Doering’s approach to dentistry, which emphasizes gentle, compassionate dentistry with a focus on patient comfort.

He has been featured in many local media outlets over the years, explaining the benefits of sedation dentistry for all kinds of patients, including those desiring cosmetic dentistry. The more cosmetic dental work you desire, the more benefit you will receive from sedation dentistry.

At Doering Family Dental, we offer several different types of sedation. While oral sedation (a “pill”) is the most common and popular method of sedation today, Dr. Doering can help you decide which is the best option for you.

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Experience

Imagine Being So Pleased With Your Cosmetic Dentistry Experience That You Write Your Cosmetic Dental Office a “Thank You” Note.

In fact, many patients have written us personal “Thank You” notes, expressing their gratitude for having experienced no pain and no memory of their cosmetic dental work, and for an overall wonderful experience at the dentist!

This is a testament to Dr. Doering’s commitment to gentle, compassionate dentistry and his expertise with sedation dentistry. You can read some of our favorite cosmetic and sedation dentistry “Thank You” notes by clicking here.

Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Dr. Doering offers a Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation for new and existing patients. There is never any cost or obligation associated with free consultations. This is your opportunity to meet personally with Dr. Doering and get all of your cosmetic dental questions answered by Tampa’s leading cosmetic dentist.