Root Canals Restore Your Oral Health ASAP
  • Stop your toothache with our fast treatment
  • Don’t lose your tooth to infection
  • Feel relaxed with dental sedation

Protect Your Oral Health With Root Canals in Tampa

When you have nagging dental pain that isn’t helped by pain relievers, it could be a sign that your tooth is infected. To protect your oral and overall health, we perform root canals in Tampa that will have you feeling better in no time!

Our root canal treatment at Doering Family Dental is designed to:

  • Prevent oral infection from spreading to the rest of your body
  • Preserve your natural tooth so you won’t need an extraction
  • Relieve the pain of an intense, throbbing toothache
  • Ensure the full, comfortable function of your mouth
  • Keep your smile bright and healthy

If you’re experiencing dental pain, call us right away at 813-590-6649 so we can help you feel normal again soon.

Stop Tooth Pain & Save Your Smile With Root Canal Treatment

Root canal procedures have a terrible reputation as a painful, complicated process. Maybe that reputation was deserved years ago. But with advances in modern dentistry, this restorative treatment is simpler, more efficient, and more comfortable than ever before.

We understand that you might still feel anxious about dental treatment. We always go out of our way to ensure your comfort. Along with our patient-focused care, we offer sedation to calm your nerves for a more relaxing experience.

With modern techniques and Dr. Doering’s decades of experience, our root canal procedure is a straightforward process:

  • Dr. Doering uses special instruments to gently but thoroughly clean the inner chamber of your tooth. This eliminates the infection.
  • To prevent the infection from spreading or returning, he then carefully sanitizes the tooth.
  • Using a rubber-like material, Dr. Doering will fill the area and cap your tooth with a natural-looking dental crown. This restores your oral function and keeps your mouth healthy.

Don’t put your smile at risk or suffer from tooth pain. Keep your mouth healthy with root canals in Tampa. Call Doering Family Dental today at 813-590-6649. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why is a root canal needed?

If you don’t treat a cavity right away, the decay can spread and eventually reach the pulp, the soft inner portion of the tooth. When that is infected, a root canal is needed to clean out the pulp, sanitize the tooth, and seal it with a restoration to prevent further problems. A root canal will end your toothache and save your tooth from extraction.

How much does a root canal cost?

Your individual situation, the location of the infected tooth, and other factors will ultimately determine the cost of your root canal treatment. We recommend you come in for an initial exam so we can assess your situation. Then we can give you an accurate estimate of your treatment cost so you know what to expect.

Are root canals painful?

Although root canals have been made out to be the bad guy of dentistry, they are actually very beneficial. In the right hands, a root canal treatment doesn’t produce any more discomfort than you would experience from getting a tooth filling. Even so, we’ll use local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure. Sedation is always available as well.