Get Acquainted With This Caring, Patient-Focused Dentist

Dr. Annie Zhang’s favorite part of dentistry is when she sees the smile on a patient’s face because they are delighted with their quality of care. Born and raised in Michigan, she is happy to call the Tampa area her home and to do work that she loves.

Dr. Zhang had a terrifying first experience with the dentist that caused her to dislike dental appointments. Although she had always loved art, music, and doing things with her hands, it wasn’t until she met a wonderful, compassionate dentist that the idea of going into dentistry stuck with her.

The dentist showed Dr. Zhang how vital dentistry is to a person’s overall health and how good dental care can improve an individual’s quality of life. She wanted to be like that dentist, someone who is there for patients and who closes the gap between patients and their optimal health.

Today, Dr. Zhang is living her dream. Her patients tell her that it’s apparent she views her work from their perspective. They also love her care because she prioritizes quality and comfortable treatment.

Dr. Zhang is a member in good standing of:

Dr. Zhang and her husband are both avid travelers and food explorers. They love to learn and explore the day-to-day life of all cultures, learn recipes, and continue to grow in their global understanding. Dr. Zhang has enjoyed contributing her professional skills on international dental mission trips in Honduras and Peru, and she is always looking to explore new places.