If you’ve lost a lot of teeth – or even all of them – you may have wondered if implants are better than dentures. For many of our patients, they are. With dental implants, your dentures simply feel and function more like natural teeth

That’s because implants are embedded in your jaw, where they fuse to the bone. This provides a truly stable foundation for your new teeth. In contrast, conventional dentures sit atop your gums, held in place by suction. Some folks also use adhesive. 

To see if dental implant dentures are right for you, call us today at 813-590-6649 to schedule a consultation. Until then, check out some of the advantages of implants vs. dentures:

  • Teeth That Won’t Slip Out of Place – As referenced above, only suction (sometimes combined with adhesive) keeps standard dentures in place. This just doesn’t give your replacement teeth the same kind of stability that implants do. Implant dentures stay firmly in place. You won’t experience embarrassing moments caused by loose dentures. 
  • Better Bone Health – One important function of implants is how they stimulate new bone growth in your jaw. Once in your jaw, they function a lot like natural tooth roots so your jaw won’t rapidly lose bone density. That bone loss is what gives dentures wearers that gaunt look that makes them look older than they actually are. 
  • More Chewing Power – Most folks with conventional dentures find they need to make changes to their diet, due to their weaker bites. With implant dentures, your bite is nearly as strong as it was before you lost teeth. You’ll be able to bite into treats like crunchy apples without worrying about dislodging your teeth. 
  • Simple Oral Hygiene – At our office, you can choose implant dentures you remove for cleaning or dentures that stay fixed in place. With the latter option, you just need to brush and floss like you always have. There’s no need for special cleaning solutions or routines. 

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