In our experience, people feel better about themselves when they feel good about their smiles. That’s understandable because our smiles play such a big part in how we present ourselves to others. Since a smile is the first thing that many others will notice about you, let us help you create a smile that looks its best. You’ll find many ways to revive your smile at our Tampa, FL office.

Call 813-590-6649 today to schedule a consultation. We’ll examine you, discuss your smile goals, and help you identify the solutions that will work best for you. In the meantime, check out some of the things we can do for you and your smile:

  • Straighten Crooked Teeth – Many adults love the idea of a straight smile but – understandably – resist the idea of wearing metal braces. Invisalign uses a series of plastic aligners to straighten teeth, so there’s no unsightly metal. It works in less time than braces too.
  • Replace Missing Teeth – Missing teeth make you self-conscious and they also affect many aspects of your daily life, like your diet. We have multiple options for replacing teeth, including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Implants will give you teeth that feel and function almost exactly like natural teeth.
  • Hide Smile Imperfections – Don’t let flaws like chips, gaps and worn-down teeth affect how you feel about your smile. You can cover these kinds of imperfections with dental veneers or a bonding treatment. 
  • Brighten Dingy Teeth – Our convenient take-home kits give you results that are whiter than what you can achieve using drugstore products. 
  • Remake a “Gummy” Smile – You get get rid of an overly gummy appearance by letting us remove excess tissue from your gumline. Your teeth will stand out more and your smile will look more balanced. 

If several things about your smile bother you, our team can create a comprehensive makeover plan that will make the best use of your time and budget while addressing multiple flaws. Our dentists can use digital images and/or wax models to give you a good idea of what your new smile can look like. 

Call Doering Family Dental in Tampa, FL today at 813-590-6649 or schedule online.