Losing most or all of your teeth can be pretty devastating. You may think your smile will never be the same. But with All-on-X implants, you can get replacement teeth that look, feel, and function almost exactly like natural teeth. 

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In the meantime, see some great reasons to choose this implant procedure:

  • You’ll Have Your Teeth in Less Time – The All-on-X treatment makes it possible to get dental implants and new teeth in a single day. After placing four (or sometimes six) implants, your dentist will attach a complete arch of teeth to them. You’ll wear it while your implants heal. Once they have, you’ll return to our office for your more permanent replacement teeth. Best of all, you’ll be able to show off a full smile and eat many foods during your healing period. 
  • You’ll Probably Pay Less for Your Implants – Since fewer implants are used for an All-on-X – instead of the eight typically used for implant dentures – your full-arch treatment typically costs less. 
  • It’s Easier on Your Jaw – Using fewer dental implants also makes the procedure easier on your jaw. You’ll spend less time getting your implants, and you’ll recover in less time too. 
  • It’s Easy to Take Care of Your Replacement Teeth – Unlike removable dentures, which require special cleaning solutions and routines, you just brush and floss your new teeth to keep them clean. If more advanced maintenance is ever required, your dentist can take care of it. 
  • Your New Teeth Perform Better Than Dentures – Unlike conventional dentures, your replacement teeth won’t slip around or shift out of place. You won’t need denture adhesive. And your bite will be nearly as strong as it was before, so you can eat anything you’d like. 
  • Your Face Will Look Younger – When you lose teeth, you also lose bone density in your jaw. That’s because you no longer have tooth roots to stimulate new bone growth. But All-on-X dental implants stimulate your jaw much like tooth roots. This keeps your jaw stronger and your face fuller and younger looking. 

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