If you’re like most people, you want to keep your smile looking and feeling great! We want to help – it’s the reason our practice is here. You may hesitate to visit if it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist. Please don’t! We’ll work with you to keep teeth in top shape whether it’s been six months or six years since your last dental appointment.

Call us today at 813-590-6649 for an appointment. In the meantime, check out our suggestions to help prevent cavities and other dental problems:

  • Brush and Floss Daily – You’re probably not surprised to see this on our list. Brushing and flossing every day really is important! Do it at least twice a day, for a full two minutes. Morning oral hygiene is especially important, as it removes bacteria that has accumulated in your mouth overnight. 
  • Brush Gently and/or Use an Electric Brush – Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and don’t scrub your teeth too hard. An electric brush may be useful, as it can help you maintain a gentle, even pressure. Brushing too hard can wear away your tooth enamel, which will make you more prone to cavities. 
  • Add a Tongue Scraper to Your Routine – To keep your smile healthy, you need to keep bacteria from running rampant in your mouth. Lots of bacteria can collect on your tongue. So clean it when you clean your teeth. 
  • Use an Antibacterial Mouthwash – An antibacterial mouthwash is another way to keep bacteria under control. Carry a small bottle with you, so you can rinse your mouth with it in situations where you are unable to brush and floss. 
  • Eat Less Sugar and Starch – Lots of us love treats high in sugar and starch. Unfortunately, so does bacteria. Lean proteins, dairy, and leafy greens are better for your dental health – and your overall health too. 
  • Limit Coffee and Acidic Drinks – Coffee and other dark-colored beverages such as red wine can stain your teeth. Even worse, acidic drinks like coffee and soda weaken your tooth enamel, which makes it easier for cavities to form. If possible, use a straw to drink acidic beverages and rinse your mouth out after consuming them. 
  • Stop Smoking – Smoking discolors your teeth and gives you bad breath. It also makes your more susceptible to gum disease and other dental problems. Smokers also heal less quickly after oral surgery and dental implant placement.
  • See Us Every Six Months – Visit our office at least two times a year so we can give your teeth a thorough cleaning. No matter how carefully you brush at home, you’ll miss some plaque, which turns into hardened tartar that can only be removed by a professional cleaning. We’ll also examine you and address any small issues before they have a chance to turn into bigger problems. If you are cavity prone, you may want to consider preventive treatments such as dental sealants and/or applications of fluoride.

Need to make your next appointment? Call Doering Family Dental in Tampa, FL today at 813-590-6649 or schedule online. We’ll help you keep teeth in top shape!