As you prepare your child athlete for spring training and the upcoming season, remember to include a mouthguard while you’re gathering all the right gear.

But it’s essential to be selective. Rather than relying on an ill-fitting mouthguard from a sporting goods store, customization is key to providing comfort, durability, and full protection. 

In Tampa, you’ll only find that from Dr. Doering at Doering Family Dental. 

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and visiting us for a custom mouthguard is the smartest investment you can make for your own child’s oral health if they’ll be participating in a high-impact sport this spring.

You’ll not only be reducing their risk significantly for traumatic dental injuries, but you’ll also be saving money on costly restorative dental care should the worst happen during a game.

For you and for your child athlete, the smart way to play during the spring sports season is with a custom mouthguard. Call Doering Family Dental in Tampa, FL today at 813-590-6649 or schedule online.

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