One of the common factors of poor dental health is a lack of routine dental care.

That includes regular visits to your Tampa dentist for cleanings and exams, but it also means maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home.

Studies show that about 20 percent of people admit to never flossing between their teeth. 

You may fall into that category and think it’s not that big a deal, but there’s a reason the ADA recommends flossing once a day.

With this important step, you’re getting rid of food particles that get stuck between your teeth after you eat, which gives harmful oral bacteria less fuel to thrive and gives you the upper hand in keeping your mouth healthy.

If your teeth and gums have seen better days, then schedule an appointment with us for restorative dentistry. Once we’ve repaired your smile, we’ll help you maintain it with exceptional routine care and our best oral care tips to practice at home.

The day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day, so it’s the perfect time to start making this crucial habit a part of your daily routine! Call Doering Family Dental in Tampa, FL today at 813-590-6649 or schedule online.